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About The Elder Knights and our Guild Charter

The Elder Knights - Guild Charter

Mission Statement

We are the Elder Knights, a Republic Guild (and legacy Imperial guild) on the Harbinger server of Star Wars: the Old Republic.  We all seek a friendly, relaxed, mature atmosphere in which to play.  The Elder Knights define ourselves by our honor, inclusiveness, and positive support of each other.  We joke and laugh, explore and raid, gather and craft and build, but above all, Real Life comes first.


The Elder Knights have been in Star Wars: the Old Republic since beta, back in 2011.  Our community has formed guilds in many games over the years.  Most members are currently aiming blasters and swinging lightsabers in SWTOR.  Elder Knight chapters in other games may have rules and leadership that differ from ours.

Knightly Virtues

One of the things that sets us apart from other guilds that are out there is our members.  Our Knights have always been helpful, and worked hard to contribute to our community.  We have members that would log in and do anything to help others with quests, crafting, answering questions.  Our Knights give this time freely because we believe in our community. 

We believe it is important to:

  • always be tolerant of the views of others, even if we don't agree
  • be mindful of controversial subjects that may start arguments
  • always be a good example of what our guild is about, and to be an ambassador
  • remember that real life always takes precedence; this is, after all, only a game
  • protect others from harassment, in or out of the game

Guild Assets

We have a Guild Ship!  We have 10% EXP bonus and a healthy group of experienced raiders and raid leaders.  We raid on a regular schedule and run Conquest missions.  We have a guild on the Empire side called the Malevolent Lords.  We have guild banks for Knights to deposit materials, gear and stims to share freely.  We also, from time to time, meet up in person for special events.

Brief overview of Rules

We know that we represent the Guild on our travels, proudly bearing the title of Elder Knight, and we desire our reputation to remain high within our community.

We value maturity; Elder Knights are all aged 21 and up, with rare exceptions.

All members are expected to help each other with crafting, questing, gearing or just answering questions.  We are supportive of the guild, and the guild is in turn be there to support us.

We support and enforce all publisher's naming policies within the Guild; derogatory, offensive or suggestive names are denied membership.

We expect all Knights to be respectful of our Guild-brothers and –sisters, as well as our community at large, both in word and deed.

We ask that our members keep offensive or colorful language and adult oriented subject matter to a minimum in Guild and world chat channels. 

Guild Structure

  • Grand Master – Guild leader
  • Master Commander – lieutenant Guild Leaders / officers
  • Master – Members of the Council, able to take on one Padawan each
  • Elder Knight –members of the guild who are active over 6 months
  • Knight – new Knights who have passed their Padawan trials
  • Padawan – new members interested in joining the Guild – 3 week trial period
  • Youngling – minor children of Elder Knights

How to Apply

If you are interested in learning more and/or joining our guild, you can send a message to Arevis, Fetra, Kenzer or Zahlia in game and we will get in contact with you shortly. Otherwise simply type “/who elder knights” in general chat and any of us that are online will be glad to assist you. You can see our website at .

There is a three week trial period during which you will be invited to fill out the application on the website and post a short intro on yourself so we can get to know you. For the three week “Padawan” trial, you will be assigned to a Master who will be your liaison with the guild. They will help you learn more about us and be there to help with transition.

After three weeks, you will be invited to become a Knight, and after a period of time actively participating in the guild, promoted to the rank of Elder Knight.


May the Force be with you.

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